Friday, October 05, 2007

song of the little road

Pather Panchali (dir:Satyajit Ray-1955) was his debu. and went on to win several awards and critical acclaims including the Best Human Document, Cannes in 1956.
why i put this piece of information here??? the human relations can conquer over must have its rewards.
the song of the little road...the ever trusting soul of ours... who or on what is the main question
long ago i was told ...thr is always and angel who protects you..but u need to trust on that angel...u need to have full faith in what u want to do....
is it god intervention or is it ur own soul who becomes god and vice-versa.???

"In the inspired 'candy-seller' sequence, as Durga and Apu secretly relish tamarind paste, their mother is complaining about hardships to their father. Durga hears a faint bell. She knows it is the candy-seller. Both go out and look longingly at the the pots with sweets in them. Durga sends Apu to ask for money from their father. Mother intervenes, and Apu returns empty handed. But the site of the pot-bellied candy-seller caring two bobbing pots of sweets is too tempting to resist. Both start following him. A stray dog joins the procession as it is reflected in a shimmering pond. "(

have u ever actually done that..?? as children thr are so many times u actually dont have money for the innumerous candies refused by momie dearest. have u ever followed him with ur gaze atleast? the mezmerizing tinkle of the candy sellers bell. or even the enormity of the ferris wheel that made us feel as if we will touch heavens???
gods gifts?? or just innocent trusting souls

Thursday, August 23, 2007


To Him whose name is not without Radha,
She prayed to Him, Oh Lord!
Let my name never be without my Krishna ...
To Him who blessed Radha with His love
Because Radha loved Him enough
She prayed to Him, Oh Lord!
Give my Krishna a chance to bless me ...
Radha is known to have been one of the biggest devotee/lover of Lord Krishna. Krishna blessed Radha saying that even though He would be married to Rukmani, it would always be Radha whose name would be linked with Krishna.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

What is it that I see?

What is it that I see?
A bright streak -
Is it light or just
Another blank hope ...
A hope into nothingness
Will it pass by like others?
Will He lighten up the tunnel?
Is it water or just
An enacting mirage ...
A mirage full of love
Will it vanish like others?
Will He leave the oasis for me?
What is it that I see?
Is it God or just
The Devil's wing
A wing to carry me ...
Will it be able to lift my burden?
Will His World be as burdened?

When in doubt trust Him... A friend who didn't believe in Him said that to me. I wondered why... Will He do anything at all? Is he capable?

Monday, July 09, 2007


well one thing....i apologise to adi..i had promised him a new blog today.....
well i forgot to bring the written data i already had to post on it...soo...ahem sorry again harry.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

A pretence

A silent tear that rolled down her eye
And still, I can see no reason why
He failed to notice that precious wasted tear
He's failed to bring her a bright cheer
Oh! He's failed for the umpteenth time now
And He's failed as if he can't recover.
Oftentimes, He's as helpless as me
Only He's absent from the scene and I ain't;
I don't have a choice but to watch her cry
Try, try and try is all I do; God damn try
Try to cheer her up, try to be a man
And Him? He's fake, lame and yes, a scam.

Sorry if this offended anyone; I didn't mean that. It's just that He's no longer a reason I have to look up to. He's a mere pretense to me now. I could've written it over my blog but due to some reasons I chose not to.

Friday, April 13, 2007



"well i wil delete it.....
the reason is as follows...have u tried answering those questions urself???
well i may like to try answering those questions for u...only try.....
1.Why is it so hard to tell the truth...yet so easy to tell a lie, ......
ANS: coz its easy to get away with a lie.... coz almost no one...including myself is ready to face the truth. and wen we do face the truth ...we are openly acknowledge it....
why do we sleep in the temple. but when the sermon is over we suddenly wake up?
ANS coz wen we hear it....we realise thr is nothing which is being said that we agree with.....its a bunch of "spiritual bullshit" that which is not applicable in todays world... neither is it the whole truth....most of the times the sermons are made in hatred to other hypocricy that has built up over the years...wen we wake up atleast we have had those few minutes of peaceful sleep.
why is it so hard to talk about God...but so easy to talk about sex?
ANS easy...coz its so much less complicated....who do u talk to god about?? what about god do u talk to? god is a very personal thing....thats y He has so many forms....everyone has a different perception of god and that should not be difficult to understand if ur a hindu.... sex on the other hand is almost same for all. it completes the want of a bodily need... and its easy to talk about coz its a need...spirituality in the sense of ;god' may or may not be needed.
4.why are we so bored to look at a holy magazine... but so easy to read a playboy magazine?
ANS difficult is that to understand??? coz holy magazines only talk abt their viewpoint...abt thr prophesies and there does not provide a basis other than faith....well and faith is something that is hard to find...coz people hav faith in the wrong things....i did this wrong so i keep a fast for 15 days and things will be alright....its not a solution its just a way out....
playboy magazines!!! well they are plain fun...they can be giggled, oggled and frowned upon... it generates a reaction....some kind of emotional reaction..its a form of entertainment....just like a fiction...
5.why is it so easy to delete a Godly offline messages ... yet we forward the nasty ones?
ANS coz no matter how many godly msgs are frwrded no one reads them full heartedly...they will be forwarded and then will lie forgotten....we will do the same very things those msgs told us not to many times have U got a msg that tells u to be true to urself and how many times have u been.....even in the very same many times have u been forgiving coz a godly msg told u to be?? well think , truthfully to urself....nasty msgs are forwarded coz u can atleast laugh on them and shrug them away while in office desk....just smile at them and forget harm done
6.Why are temples getting smaller... but yet bars and clubs are growing??
ANS which was the last temple/ church u went to where u dint find hypocricy or money mongering....atleast bars and clubs dont put up a sign board saying "please donate it will go for a good cause" and let it go to their managers pocket....u know exactly y ur paying in a bar or a club...."

Sunday, March 11, 2007

surprize surprize

here i am after a whole lot has transpired between the times i have blogged and now that im blogging.....
im a bit tired of the glory of god and i seem to be on a " i believe in god but dont trust him anymore" meet_me said its a humane feel of god that i get with her.......
when i talk to her i feel as if she is another me living halfway across the world and believe me that doppleganger affect saddens me.......coz i may have understood to live with the fact that im the only one living with my problems but then she is another one.....and that makes me angrier on god....she even reacts to situations like me....atleast thats what i sure she is distinctive in many ways ......but the way we react is very similar if not the same.....i guess she knows the reasons.....
i have been talking and discussing about god a lot so a lot of thinking abt him is going on.....a lot of dvaita and advaita conversations have been going on....advaita meaning god having only one form.....that of being formless
and dvaita which means god having different forms that which can be pictured.....
i and my dad have different views but we kind of have a agreement by the fact that it is upon oneself to percieve god..
i guess i have talked abt this before
but now im in this phase of "whether god is not interested in anybody or whether it is only me.....and if it is only me then why so?"

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Humane God ?

Why's God so humane ? Why isn't He Godly? Isn't he supposed to be someone who forgives and forgets... and who loves? Does He really love? Or like humans, he has a motive in everything he does? A purpose hidden right where us humans can't see but can feel its existence - exactly like Him.
Hmmm, I didn't like the idea of thinking this way about God. I don't want to think like this. Not that it matters to Him. But I think it would matter to me - making that one supreme thing oblivious to myself. Who's left then to blame? Who's left then to look up to when you know it isn't humans who can help you out?
Are we too demanding? Are we too wanting in our wish to live a decent life like most people around us?
I so wish to be like my dad, who can let his hope for God live no matter what. It's really hard to see positivity in life at times, to see positivity in God's doings for us. How long do you think does it take for God to completely test our faith in Him? An hour? A day? A month? A year? Or a lifetime?