Wednesday, June 21, 2006

some more answers...

who or what is GOD?
  • Man is god. Or potentially god.
  • True divinity is within. But to reach inside and realise this, is the challenge we all fail.
  • To believe in ones self and to take responsibility of everything in life - that is god.
  • There is no other god anywhere else.
how will u define GOD?
  • Just answered that above.

what place does he have in ur life?

  • Well its like asking...what place do you have in your own life? :)

from 'titash nodir tire'

this is something i read in a blog tracin jesus -1

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Silence the voices within. Go deaf to the voices without. Relax. And then feel the force that is in you. The force that has infinite power to do good. The force that makes you feel positive, happy and in harmony with your surroundings. That is the god within you. The stronger you feel this force, the closer you are to divinity. The closer you are to god. And when you open your eyes, you smile and only goodness comes out of you. Good actions, good speech, good thought.

You are now Jesus. Jesus the god, Jesus the divine. You are also Muhammad. You are also Ram, Buddha. You are one with the divine being.

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he has a good blog......and funnily he is aethist