Thursday, August 23, 2007


To Him whose name is not without Radha,
She prayed to Him, Oh Lord!
Let my name never be without my Krishna ...
To Him who blessed Radha with His love
Because Radha loved Him enough
She prayed to Him, Oh Lord!
Give my Krishna a chance to bless me ...
Radha is known to have been one of the biggest devotee/lover of Lord Krishna. Krishna blessed Radha saying that even though He would be married to Rukmani, it would always be Radha whose name would be linked with Krishna.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

What is it that I see?

What is it that I see?
A bright streak -
Is it light or just
Another blank hope ...
A hope into nothingness
Will it pass by like others?
Will He lighten up the tunnel?
Is it water or just
An enacting mirage ...
A mirage full of love
Will it vanish like others?
Will He leave the oasis for me?
What is it that I see?
Is it God or just
The Devil's wing
A wing to carry me ...
Will it be able to lift my burden?
Will His World be as burdened?

When in doubt trust Him... A friend who didn't believe in Him said that to me. I wondered why... Will He do anything at all? Is he capable?