Tuesday, May 23, 2006

my reply to shadows

She asks:
" who or what is GOD?"
I say:
A faith, that sets things back on track,
A fulfiller of things we lack,
A hope a belief an inspiration,
An icon for adoration.
Someone who holds me when I fall,
Someone who wants to reach out to you and awaits your call
Someone who soothes me when I am perturbed
Someone who makes your sorrows curbed.
I never saw Him or an image of like
But I know he stands like a guide,
Near me, by me, inside me and above
Ever protecting me safely in his cove.

She asks:
"how will u define GOD?"
I answer:
What can be the definition of "All"? "Everything"?
"Everyone"? Or "Whole"?
Doesn't defining limit their vast meaning?
Vast. No not vast - Endless.

She asks:
" what place does he have in ur life?"
I answer:

He has a place
Of the most important best friend, whom I couldn't ever lie, and never felt like it.
Of someone who knows me better than anyone else and guides me all through the path of life.
Of someone whose decision and help I value more than anything else in life.
Of someone who always answers my prayers...Hmm, probably almost always. Who makes the person next door smile when I pray to Him.
Of someone who keeps his hands placed around the candle so that its dimness doesn't get extinguished with time. The candle is that of hope and it is Him who keeps it lit all the time.

Monday, May 22, 2006

dads reply to me ......

" who or what is GOD? : Everything dear to you is god.
"how will u define GOD?" : Perfection

followed by......

" what place does he have in ur life?" : Sometimes I give the credit to myself or blame somebody else but he is behind everything happening in my life and he has a motive.

pik http://www.iskcon.net/peru/galeria_ni%C3%B1o_krishna.htm
Krsna en el bosque