Friday, October 05, 2007

song of the little road

Pather Panchali (dir:Satyajit Ray-1955) was his debu. and went on to win several awards and critical acclaims including the Best Human Document, Cannes in 1956.
why i put this piece of information here??? the human relations can conquer over must have its rewards.
the song of the little road...the ever trusting soul of ours... who or on what is the main question
long ago i was told ...thr is always and angel who protects you..but u need to trust on that angel...u need to have full faith in what u want to do....
is it god intervention or is it ur own soul who becomes god and vice-versa.???

"In the inspired 'candy-seller' sequence, as Durga and Apu secretly relish tamarind paste, their mother is complaining about hardships to their father. Durga hears a faint bell. She knows it is the candy-seller. Both go out and look longingly at the the pots with sweets in them. Durga sends Apu to ask for money from their father. Mother intervenes, and Apu returns empty handed. But the site of the pot-bellied candy-seller caring two bobbing pots of sweets is too tempting to resist. Both start following him. A stray dog joins the procession as it is reflected in a shimmering pond. "(

have u ever actually done that..?? as children thr are so many times u actually dont have money for the innumerous candies refused by momie dearest. have u ever followed him with ur gaze atleast? the mezmerizing tinkle of the candy sellers bell. or even the enormity of the ferris wheel that made us feel as if we will touch heavens???
gods gifts?? or just innocent trusting souls