Tuesday, February 19, 2008


it just begins.
in abstraction of thought
of concious lovingness
and of playfulness of the heart

i begin to write
romancing romance.
wanting to entice,
the poets and the lovers.
advertising myself,
in jazzy, snazzy titles,
with subtitles in subtelities
and with the timing just right...
i might find the right reviews.

what is it all about??
not questioning st. V's sainthood
the lover's junctions and intentions!
am i even answering myself??
or is this even a poem?
or a gimmick in time??
or just random thoughts
of the ideal (idle) mind...

makeshift causes,
makeshift love
convictions and strengths
diplomacy's games
there is no head or tail to it
m not yet the one,
who is ready
to be "hanged till death"...

all i ask...
let me just be outside the gates of heaven...
to watch the games played
to see u take up the role
of god and lucifer
let me see u dramatise ur duality
let me see u and sir valentines at loggerheads
trying to do and undo love
at stalemates
and i know you will cheat

i want to know who ur agent is?
he has advertised u well,
u know that. right?
now, just how much did u pay?
trade secret is it?
lets just keep this down quiet.

lets not tell st. valentineS
that we have someone
better than ARCHIES

im ur pal sir,
i will assist u in this war.
all i need is a training in marketing.
HE has sent me...
here is his card........"

naah its not a poem
im not a poet either...
this was just a gimmick,
im learning from the new ad agent i met
can't tell u the details can i?
and yet this is but an asylum
i can take refuge.
i can take the poetic liscence
be insane

what are the clauses though???