Monday, November 17, 2008


Is it really humane to trust and then distrust, and may be trust back again? Is it fair?

I've had my share of trust, distrust, and trust ... Is a moment of distrust following? Will I be able to distrust again? And later, will I be able to trust again?

Is it reasonable to kind of shift between the trust and distrust just based on the need of the hour? That would probably not be a valid statement. We go into a state of distrust when we need Him the most and He isn't there. Or it seems He isn't there. Why do we go back into a state of trust at some point in time again then? Do we need Him again? Do we forgive Him?

Is it fair on our part? Is it fair for Him? Can He forgive us for distrusting Him?


shadows said...

it's a matter of hope...when we trust and wen we dont... hope is something that we cant see but it stays around us... and thats y we associate it with god.
does he forgive us??
he does not...
has not ever forgiven...
i wonder why we should forgive

meet_me said...

what makes u say he doesn't ever forgive?

Ankur said...


To be honest, I read posts in your blog and they were very written. In spite of whatever you think or feel..your words accepts the existence of God though in denial mode. The very reason you desire to know comes from above.

As you put it rightly...religion brings hope and death. Man created religion and it passed on. But before every beginning and before every end there is God...

Even an atheist denying God has an objective reality of his beliefs....beliefs are what make one person God different from other.

If you want to know God inspite of the circumstances you are in than just pray him to reveal himself to you in manner he wants and believe me he never fails.

You can give logics after logics denying the God but there are even logics after logics accepting the presence of God. We live in a world created by us,....and world is what we see and believe in. But God is above the world and can influence the world you have created only if you have faith.

I was once like you....and the desire brought me to true realization. You may call it realization for my world.

And yes God forgives and that is the greatest sign.....for forgiveness is not a human attribute..

God bless you