Sunday, August 03, 2008


adi: :)
3:20 AM am i?
me: u are??
3:21 AM adi: closer to god than u?
me: yeah
adi: i dont thnk so
3:22 AM me: huh???
no u are,,,
uve always trusted him more than i have
adi: impressions r so deceptive my love
3:23 AM me: uhun?
sweety, i used to trust him back in 2005
adi: and if i were that close to god, i wud have convinced him to get sam back for u
maybe i tried too
3:24 AM but wont tell u how much
me: now i only beg to him... im like the beggar outside the puri temple... some of the blessings may fall off from the higher castes of people
adi: hmmm

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Anonymous said...

this is really cute ..... like to do these type of conversations with myself some time back...but now waiting for myself to come and talk to me like that...don't knw when he will come???